• 6,000 Lumens Output (dimming)

  • Dual-Color White/Blue or Full-Color Spectrum

  • Naval Bronze Housing with Built-in Isolating Spacer

  • No External Controllers Required

  • Color Selection from a Standard Power Switch (TTP)

  • Poco System Compatible (PLI enabled)

  • 3-Year Warranty


Zambezi X2 Surface Mount Underwater Light

The Zambezi underwater light series are specifically designed for Pontoon Boats with a completely sealed surface mount design that allows the lights to be applied to situations that require surface run wires. An innovative built-in isolating spacer prevents galvanic corrosion making Zambezi the perfect solution for aluminum hull boats.

The ZambeziX2 is the newest edition to the series and offers a substantial increase in lumen output (6000 lumens) in addition to dual-color and full-color output options. But, what really separates the ZambeziX2 from the rest of the series is our award winning PLI technology that is incorporated into the light. PLI makes Zambezi X2 fully compatible with our Poco Digital Lighting Control System which provides the type of advanced lighting control only found on much more expensive luxury yachts, when paired to a Poco module (sold separately).

The New Standard in Pontoon Underwater Lighting!




Zambezi X2

Lumens:  6000

Output:  White/Blue or Spectrum RGBW

Voltage:  10-30vDC

PLI Enabled:  Yes - Poco Compatible


Zambezi Quattro

Lumens:  2000

Output:  White/Blue or Spectrum RGBW

Voltage:  10-30vDC

PLI Enabled:  No - NOT Poco Compatible


Zambezi Mini

Lumens:  750-890

Output:  White, Blue or Spectrum RGBW

Voltage:  10-30vDC

PLI Enabled:  Yes -  Poco Compatible (Spectrum Only)


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PLI Enabled for Advanced Lighting Control

The ZambeziX2 surface mount underwater light is PLI enabled, meaning the internal "Power Line Instruction" technology built-in to the light makes it compatible with our award winning Poco Digital Lighting Control system. This will allow for advanced lighting control when paired to a Poco module for precise color selection, dimming and light scene creation - all via a compatible MFD or connected smart device through the Lumitec Poco app.